Thursday, 23 August 2012

6 line upate

I am in the usual state of exhaustion this late at night. Can't ever seem to get this written early. But I known that some of you are waiting for an update.

Yes I saw the medical oncologist this afternoon. 
No I wasn't expecting to be told what I was.
Yes there is the possibility ( in fact quite a big one) that I have to have chemo
No the final decision hasn't been made
Yes there is some more information that I may be able to access to help make that decision
No I am not going to go into more details

For the next few days I will be processing the information in order to make the decision that is best for me.

All this will be in the background as I have a big joyful weekend. It is S's 21st. And that is  the priority.

Ducatilad arrives tomorrow, S arrives on Saturday morning and by Saturday night we will all be dressed in 90's icon outfits celebrating in style. I am still trying to find a breastless icon.

So that is all there is for now.   Ok a few more than 6 lines.

Apologies if this has left people hanging - guess you will have to check back. One way to keep those page views going up. (think the fact that boob is in the title ensures some increased traffic)

So until then I am as always

P xx


  1. Not good.

    I wish you as peaceful a decision making process as is possible in the circumstances.

    And a fantastic, joyful Saturday night.

  2. Happy birthday S! EnJOY yourselves tomorrow night. xx

  3. David Bowie? Oh, probably wrong decade.....