Monday, 13 August 2012

What the Dr said

As predicted I didn't stop at one.

So this will be a very short post. I need to process what has happened today and also write with a much clearer head.

I saw  Dr Dave today. The news was good but not what not I expected. I sense it wasn't what he expected either.

In a nutshell the decision to have a double mastectomy was the right one and as it turns out not just for  reasons of symmetry.

As he told me, given the pathology results of the left breast, he would have recommended that I have the right one done as well. It seems that my breast likes to produce cancer cells.

Shit am I glad that I didn't have to go in for a repeat performance

Basically I had a 1.3 cm invasive ductal carcinoma as well as 80mm of ductal carcinoma insitu. In  lay terms this means there was  lot more cancer cells in the left breast than originally thought.

So the next steps are  an appointment with the Medical Oncologist to discuss what the benefits may or may not be of having chemotherapy, some hormonal therapy and more red wine (OK my prescription not the Dr's).

Yes the news is good, but it wasn't what I expected. Don't think it was what Dr Dave expected either.

Well I have just logged on and realised that the last bit of this post that I wrote last night after a few reds didn't save. Bugger

I do remember that I was pleased with what I had managed to compose, but of course cannot reproduce it now.  

There was something about maybe now having to accept that I do fit into that category of 'women with breast cancer' and writing again when I could be more erudite and my acerbic wit was on game.

So in the meantime the above is what I have to offer as I promised to let you know what happened at the Dr's.

There will be more but until then

I am as always

P xx  (without the expected sore head)


  1. Oh my word. Thank goodness for instinct. And for listening to it.

  2. Thanks for posting, I've been wondering how you got on at the appt. Wishing you well, A.

  3. Thinking of you. Still deciding if your news is good or not - I guess good 'cos you made the right decision, but not good 'cos you still have to go to Oncology for further advice. Anyway, still got all my fingers and toes crossed for you!!!KL